This article is about the Georgia food stamps income limit for 2016 and 2017. If you are applying for food stamps (SNAP Benefits) in the state of Georgia, one of the most important criteria you must meet to be approved for the EBT card is the income limit. While there are other criteria for qualification that you must meet, the income limit is the most important. There are a lot of misconceptions about food stamps out there, and as a result, people who legitimately need the help do not apply because of the stigmatization that come with it. However, the truth is that 40% of households on food stamps have at least one adult that is working. The issue is not lazy people wanting to take advantage of the system. The issue is that people are not making enough money to afford food for their families, hence their reliance on public assistance to supplement what they are making in income.

Georgia food stamp income limit 2017

The image below shows the income limits for Food stamps for 2017. As you can see, it is based on household income and the number of people living in that household. It looks at the gross household income and then allows for certain expenses to be deducted so that you can reach the net monthly income that is then used to determine how much in SNAP food stamps that household can get.

"Tennessee Food Stamps Income Limit"

Once you meet the eligibility requirements for income and are able to satisfy the other application requirements, you will probably have a high chance of getting approved for SNAP benefits. How much you will receive again depends on the number of people in your household. If approved, you will be given an EBT card, which in Georgia is called a Peach Card while in places like Tennessee, it is called a Benefits Security Card or SNAP EBT Card. You can use this card to make food purchases that are approved on the list for food stamps.

There are several ways to check the balance on your card. The first way is to go online. You can also call the phone number at the back of your card. You can also check your last receipt, which should have the balance at the bottom.

Georgia Food Stamps Income Limit
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